Fix The Txagline

consumer electronics = special olympics

I get a new laptop and there's tons of bloody little stickers below on the area below the keyboard.
And they sure don't skimp on the glue when they put them on.
WTF is the point of making a nicely designed laptop and then stick a big ass MADE FOR WIN XP sticker on it? A sticker that takes strength, stamina and gasoline to get rid of?

And on a similar note. A ran over the cable to my headphones with the office chair and they started glitching. So, I pick them apart, to replace the cable. Inside the headphones, there are no soldering points, the big cable just sort of deteriorates in to two hair thin leads that go directly into the speaker element..which in turn is encased in plastic.
No soldering for you, buddy!

And these were no el cheapo headphones. How retarded is the average product designer in the area of consumer electronics, I ask.

Severely retarded I suspect.
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January 11th, 2006
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