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How do you raise your children when they're < 1 yr old?

What did you do? What books did you read to them? Music you played? Songs you sang? How did you educate them? What do you think is the most effective? I need an inspiration here. Thanks.
Permalink New Father 
January 15th, 2006
One rule:
Are they breathing? Then you're doing a good job.

It gets harder later on. :)

Permalink Philo 
January 15th, 2006
The Baby Einstein DVDs are semi educational and keep them quiet an staring at the pretty colors on the TV.
Permalink MarkTAW 
January 15th, 2006
Lots of eye contact and talking. Singing is cool. In your spare moments make sure all dangers(*)[1] are fenced off or put away - once they can reach things they want to educate themselves.

(*) dishwasher powder, laundry chemicals, knives, petfood ...
[1] sanity dangers - hifi gear, fancy crockery, photo albums ...

Oh the joy.
Permalink trollop 
January 15th, 2006
Oops, you found an error!