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FogCreek's hardcore language of the future

Hey I was thinking lately about Joel's writing. Joel's pretty pessimistic about C# (with AVALON coming and all). Java is run by a company that's losing some oomphs as well. Do you think for Fogcreek it's best if they bet on a 90% Visual C++ 7.0 and 10% C# Winforms solution (or even, dare I mention, C++ Builder and Delphi)?
Permalink Li-fan Chen 
March 20th, 2005
Since forgcreek doesn't appear to be chasing the bleeding edge of technology, let's wait 3 years and see what the uptake of longhorn will be.

I am more than sure there will be some MFC templates that can emulate the look of Avalon plus there will be more than enough .NET hooks to have the avalon look and win32 guts. 3 years ago the craze was that all new applications should be in winforms and .NET, look at it now, winforms is being abandoned and .NET is mostly server based.

This is coming from the opinion that all avalon is, some eye candy that will make regular pc users want to upgrade their rigs.
Permalink Alex K 
March 20th, 2005
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