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Have we a problem here?

While cooking dinner (we eat late) I was transfixed by this "scientific" snippet on the box:


But the down side is that criminals can use it too... to hide child pornography inside innocent looking holiday snaps... to secretly pass insider-trading information... or to organise drug deals.

Chet Hosmer is CEO of Wetstone, one of a number of companies working with US law enforcement agencies to combat steganography. </snip?



Chet Hosmer:
I believe steganography as well as some other malicious software that is out there is not something necessarily that a common person needs to possess, for example we can't possess the smallpox virus so the same kinds of controls for some cyber weapons should seriously be considered


IMHO all matters raised apply to cryptic messages of all descriptions and substituting "encrypted" for "steganography" throughout this item helps gauge the problem's scope. Some folks have businesses to drum up or whole governmental agencies' agendas to further, but is "steganography" such an issue aside from complicating traffic analysis?

Aside: Catalyst is going downhill. Maybe we need to increase the ABC stipend to 9c/person/day.
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March 10th, 2005
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