Fix The Txagline

"Hello, this is XBOX customer support...

…how may I help you?”

“Good afternoon, this is Mark, I’m calling about a power cord replacement in response to your recall.”

“Oh yes sir, I’ll just need to get some information from you.”

“No problem.”

“Can I have your home address and telephone number please?”

(several minutes and much personal information later)

“All right sir I’ve got everything I need. Please bear with me while I wait for the system to verify your serial number.”

“OK, sure.”

“You know, my wife’s going to be out of town tonight.”
Permalink Mark Warner 
January 6th, 2006
That's one lonely dude right there.
Permalink Eric Debois 
January 6th, 2006
It almost makes me wonder if you happened to stumble across someone who frequents ?off and figured out it was you. Funny stuff though.
Permalink Cory Foy 
January 6th, 2006
I don't think ?off is the cultural/social hub that some of you seem to take it for...

Permalink Mark Warner 
January 6th, 2006
Did the call start with "Hello, and thank you for calling Denman & Sathy support, please, hold, markmup, while we reverse look up your phone number."
Permalink MarkTAW 
January 6th, 2006
Oops, you found an error!