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Avoid Dreamhost

Back about a week ago I registered a new domain for a new project I want to work on.

The Dreamhost system gave me a confirmation on the website that the domain had been registered, and (here is the important part) charged $19.90 to my bank card.

I never received the confirmation EMAIL that the domain had been set up, so I went to double check the registration.

The registration never happened. OK, I thought, a hiccup in the system that Dreamhost can remedy for me, so I emailed customer service.

Dreamhost absolutely insists that they NEVER EVER charged me $19.90. Not in the month of March, not since January when I registered I offered to send them a fax of the relevant portions of my bank statement, they never accepted nor declined.

I went back and forth with this guy over the course of about 6 or 8 hours of email, trying to explain to him that his Customer Service system might not show the charge, but that he may want to have someone check the back-end system because I definitely was charged. He refuses to admit/acknowlege that it´s even possible that this has occured.

I call my bank, and have them charge back the $19.90, since I´m getting nowhere with Dreamhost.

Dreamhost emails me and threatens to re-charge to my account any back-charges I send to them through my bank, since they insist that they have made no error.

I tell them (this is this morning, this is after about 50 emails back-and-forth) that if they do this, I will probably have a case for credit fraud against them. What is the POINT here?

I asked them if they REALLY think that after 6 years of being their customer, that I´m trying to swindle them out of TWENTY DOLLARS.

I´m still waiting for the response.

During all of this nonsense, I went and re-registered the domain, so now they´ve even once told me that the domain was registered and so I was charged correctly, but there are TWO CHARGES.

Permalink muppet 
March 11th, 2005
That sucks.

But hey, at least they have a football table and arcade machines in the office. [] You can't expect people to help you when it takes away precious arcade time.
Permalink Zorg 
March 11th, 2005
Another quote from their webpage:

But of course, the biggest difference, the one that keeps people singing our praises and referring their friends, is our customer service. Every message is responded to with a friendly, helpful, and completely honest answer. Sometimes a server does go down, and we let our customers know when it happens. We'll also let them know if a cheaper plan better fits their needs, or what sort of software we personally use for whatever they're trying to implement. We constantly try to treat everyone as a friend in need (indeed!).

Your complaint must be a praise in disguise, right?
Permalink Zorg 
March 11th, 2005
Haha what is so funny about that is you couldn't do a chargeback unless there were an initial charge to begin with. I think you need to talk with management. It sounds to me like someone may be skimming somehow.

On the bright side...
Permalink I am Jack's dreamhost decadence 
March 11th, 2005
Why don't you grow a pair and deal with them properly.
March 11th, 2005
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