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methods to read faster.

I usually read, say 10 to 15 pages per hours. I noticed that books are getting bigger those days. Does anyone have a method to reading faster (but not skipping the essential).

Permalink vic 
August 26th, 2005
I think its OK to read slowly. You retain more.
Permalink Scott 
August 26th, 2005
If it's a technical book, on programming or something like that, you can't expect to read it fast and take it all in. To properly absorb the material you ought to stop and do the exercises at the end of each section, and then go back and refer to the book any time you have a question about something.
Permalink Ian Boys 
August 26th, 2005
I thought the print was getting bigger, as opposed to an increase in the number of words.
Permalink Joel Goodwin 
August 26th, 2005
Oops, you found an error!