Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Where is the shame? (Kara-oke version)

I don't sing well, but I like kara-oke.

I know that not everyone enjoying my voice. So?

Never have men been so seemingly blind to the way they sound to the outside world. Don't say that they "are self assertive and don't care", because it's evident that care and concern went into trying to sound, like an cow...
Permalink Rick Tang 
August 10th, 2005
Karaoke is another thing I can't stand. Can't sing? Then don't! :)
Permalink Mat Hall 
August 10th, 2005
Hmm, it is not viewed with the same apprehension as pointing and making fun of fat women in skimpy clothing. When people get up and sing, I'd say the vast majority of people in the room and on the stage expect some embarassment and fun-poking to ensue.

I used to try and make karaoke night in particular at my favorite establishment. I never sang once I don't think. But sitting with my friends drinking and coming up with witty things to say about the braver, albeit untalented, souls sure made for some fun nights.
Permalink I am Jack's infinite id 
August 10th, 2005
Kara-oke is only marginally about the singing, I thought. It's mostly about getting tipsy and trying to extend yourself.

Though the BEST kara-oke comes from people who've picked a particular song they're actually GOOD at, practiced a few times, and then enjoy actually entertaining other people with it.
Permalink AllanL5 
August 10th, 2005
I used to live above a bar that did Karaoke every Friday. You get tired of it real quick.
Permalink Colm O'Connor 
August 10th, 2005

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