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Making ?off more exciting in 60 seconds starting NOW

Amongst the distractions of house hunting and work I've been musing on how ever so slightly predictable and boring the Joel On Software Off Topic section has become recently with Muppet reading us the news and other people chin-wagging incessantly over the Iraq war and the state of the United States National Deficit which I don't really care about but then there you are to alleviate the tedium I figured that this forum needs moderation maybe by a well educated person such as Mr Simon Lucy who would preside over the conversation on this board to ensure that all participants represent their views in an elaborate and amusing fashion that accords strictly within the rules of the highly successful and most entertaining BBC Radio show that goes by the name of Just A Minute


Who's with me on this?
Permalink Jonathan 
March 28th, 2005
Commas suck!
Permalink Flasher T 
March 28th, 2005
I don't think commas are the primary problem when the sentence just sort of goes on and on with no real concise bounds of thought packaged together in delivery units that can be clearly understood by the reader who is instead attacked by some gigantic assault of thoughts and words streaming like some sort of heavy metal band wailing their power chords while their drummer beats on the cymbols like some sort of crazed monkey that is in a zoo being kept fairly well by keepers who use products like monkey chow to nutritionally placate the demands of such a creature to keep it alive instead of it dying and inciting a lot of whacko crazy animal activists who I care nothing about to complain and probably post something ?off which would get muppet going and then we'd hear about the crazy asian lady and maybe mark taw would take the high ground while philo would say something about how he can have an opinion despite working at Microsoft and maybe Dan Denman would turn it into some anti-American tirade and then we could read that and comment until we can comment no more and Joel's servers run out of bytes and his bandwidth is exhaused for the rest of the month which isn't so bad given that we're already up to the 28th.
Permalink Dennis Forbes 
March 28th, 2005
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