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Columbia, MO

Anyone here in Columbia? There's only like 80k people in the entire town, so I doubt it, but what the heck. It's my new home so I figured I'd check anyway.

And the new job rocks. I'm without internet until Saturday but luckily there are literally 14 wireless networks (well, 22 if you count the really poorly received ones) a handful of which aren't locked down.

The funny thing is that they are all using channels 6 or 11. Nothing like a bunch of college kids who buy a wireless router and plug it in. At least most of them figured out how to enable *some* type of security.
Permalink Cory Foy 
January 16th, 2006
And given that most people who do turn on security opt for WEP (which can be broken in a couple of minutes) it's generally the case that wherever you are there's some free internet to be had. :)
Permalink Mat Hall 
January 17th, 2006
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