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asperger's is bullshit.

I live in the Silicon Valley area, and people have a serious boner over Asperger's syndrome. Rather than being a disorder, people talk about it like it is a gift. You can totally focus on online poker, without regarding others! sure it is kind of annoying, but wow! that guy is really good at remembering the regular expression syntax! Who cares if he keeps staring at reddit.com when i'm trying to ask him if he wants takeout... he's got asperger's! this is going to be a huge boon to our operation!

I think asperger's is bullshit.

I don't believe there is anything biological about it. In my opinion it is a convenient label for nerds who don't want to have to deal with a basic level of empathy for others. Rather than simply working on social skills a bit, you just label someone as having Asperger's, and let them continue being an offensive nerd.

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January 12th, 2006
> I don't believe there is anything biological about it.

Who gives a flying fuck what you believe about if something is biological or not. What does the research say?


"Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans, the researchers have found numerous abnormalities in the activity of brains of people with normal IQs who have autism. The new findings indicate a deficiency in the coordination among brain areas. The results converge with previous findings of white matter abnormalities in autism. (White matter consists of the "cables" that connect the various parts of the brain to each other). The new findings led the researchers to propose a new theory of the basis of autism, called underconnectivity theory, which holds that autism is a system-wide brain disorder that limits the coordination and integration among brain areas. This theory helps explain a paradox of autism: Some people with autism have normal or even superior skills in some areas, while many other types of thinking are disordered. The team's study will be published in the August edition of the British journal Brain and is available online at http://www.brain.oupjournals.org.
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January 12th, 2006
_ should save these posts for February when he'll be elligible for the next Troll of the Month award.
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January 12th, 2006
I can see why you would think that. Looking at the diagnostic criteria for it, it seems like it would be easy to say that one has Asperger's:


However, talking over it with my wife, she made it clear that there is a difference between just an introvert or geek who doesn't have very good social skills and Asperger's. While introverts, geeks, etc don't have good social skills, they understand the fundamental social structure and what the skills should be. AS patients aren't able to grasp appropriate social skills.

In other words, if someone is ignoring you, they're probably ignoring you. If you are having a conversation with them and they suddenly break into a discussion about bread, they might be a candidate for AS.
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January 12th, 2006
Well, s.o.p, the problem with your quote is that it is about Autism. Nobody denies autism exists.

But the definition of Aspergers basically says it's a "mild form of autism". Oh really? Otherwise intelligent people, who tend to overfocus, tend to be poor at interpersonal relations, and tend to have only a few areas of expertise -- but intense expertise.

This sounds more like people out on the extreme ends of the 'normal' bell curve. I'd hate to have every extreme end of normal labeled with its own abnormality.

On the other hand, now that we can brain-scan autistic people, and see definite differences from 'normal', perhaps Aspergers really is related to autism.

We'll soon know, but it's not 'proven' yet.
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January 12th, 2006
My neighbor's youngest son has Aspergers. I doubt that at age 4, he's just being a nerd.
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January 12th, 2006
Oh, damnit. Ignore that response. Bad troll, bad troll.
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January 12th, 2006
I don't think underscore (_) is being a troll. Both positions have something to them. Asperger's is clearly a "real" disorder, but it's also one of those fashionable diseases people claim to have. Just like everyone in the 90's was manic depressive to score drugs and avoid going to work, every fucker who's to lazy to learn to spell is all of the sudden dyslexic, and noone's fat because they stuff their face, but because of gland problems. "I'm not being rude and antisocial, I have Asperger's", ...

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January 13th, 2006
I certainly think *some* people who gladly say they have aspergers or part of a bunch of people that are happy to find some 'syndrome' which explains why they don't have to take responsibility for their own personal development.

Obviously some syndromes are not like this.
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January 13th, 2006
I've really got ADHD and I need Ritalin just to be normal.
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January 15th, 2006

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