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A v-chip for computation

Do you guys think that with a stack-based virtual machine like the JVM or CLR it is possible to develop extensions so that it can't compute "bad things"? Like terrorists can't send a email with the flaggable words like "bomb" and "<country of interest>". It struck me as a bit impossible since a chip can do so level of predictative branching, but it doesn't READ what you write, and it certainly doesn't have enough time to process every bit of string that goes through it and have it look up a hash table every single cycle. And it would only work for strings, not images containing threats or plans of threats. It definitely won't work against one-time pads. However there are probably rooms for research that can prevent some sorts of work. For example scanners can be prevented from scanning printed currencies, or printers from printing fake bills, surely something can be done to a processor. There are perhaps processor architectures in the wild that is more condusive to this aim than others. What do you guys think?
Permalink Li-fan Chen 
March 11th, 2005
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