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If it weren't so funny

I don't get to post much of the truly bizarre things that happen to me because I worry about the CAMEL effect (ref: Philo), but this is too funny and it involves a vendor rather than a client or employee.

One of the things that we do is VoIP. Just before Christmas we had three new customers come online at once - all three needed to have their numbers transferred from their previous company to their new company. The one client was transferred well beyond the date we really wanted to have it transferred; it was practically instantaneous and two weeks sooner than the date requested and confirmed. Much annoyance resulted, although the client didn't blame us, recognizing it as a continuation of the truly horrible service their previous provider had blessed them with.

The other two clients, however, although ordered at the same time - have still not been transferred, although this was submitted early December and was supposed to be done at the latest by the end of December.

A series of "what's going on" type emails have been exchanged back and forth, until we received the following:

"I have heard back from our order management team and the numbers were rejected as per the wrong service provider. They have re-issued the port request yesterday to Bell Canada and it will take 3 business days to get a
confirmed date to port.

I reviewed the documents that you sent to me for the porting as well as my order and it was not indicated anywhere that they numbers were currently residing with Bell Canada so they automatically checked "former Sprint Canada" to pick them over."

Or - sorry, Mr Customer, but it is your fault.

We wrote back (attaching copies of our original order):

"At the top of the [form] it says very clearly
"Existing carrier: PRIMUS". The Email also says "existing Primus number".

For the other 2 numbers, the Email says "Bell Megalink service" and the LOA says "Bell Canada" in the top left corner. The layout of the form is not clear but that's the way you sent it to me.

Both are attached exactly as they were sent to you one month ago.

This is frankly incompetent. I am unbelievably frustrated."

Okay, so I can see where the Telco might become a bit defensive - but this is January 9th at this point and we have exchanged dozens of emails. (NB - I wasn't personally involved at this point)

We get back the following:
"I understand your frustration and apologize for the delay and realize your patience is running thing. I have reviewed the orders that you sent me unfortunately there is no indication of the Telco information on them. Perhaps this is something you wrote after the fact."

I have a call into the supervisor...
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January 19th, 2006
When I first tried to sign up for DSL, it was with Speakeasy, which puts the worklogs online so the customer can see what's happening. This is a great idea, but falls down when you consider...

I watched the order go in with my Central Office listed.
GTE changed the central office to one 25 miles away.
I emailed speakeasy to point this out. Their response? "I'm sure they know what they're doing."

Okay, ANYONE who says the telco knows what they're doing has NO BUSINESS taking money in exchange for dealing with them.

Sure enough - after SIX WEEKS of watching fiddling the work log, the telco changed the CO back to the right one. (And then discovered I have a DLC, which means "No DSL for you!")

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January 19th, 2006

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