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So who here has....


what is it for?

Im pretty much not ambitious at all, I never have been really and have tended to be pulled from job to job based on survival requirements or interest levels.

My partner OTOH is very ambitious. and has high...ambitions?...for her future career.

How about you? your partner?
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January 14th, 2006
I am. My most difficult task is to finish my development tools which will allow me to support Linux and Windows with all kinds of programs in an easy way. Basically, my tools should be easier than 99% of the other tools on the market for what I do, and I won't have to worry about partnering with other companies UNLESS I find it interesting.

So far, I have accomplished 80% of my goals which have mainly been technical breakthroughs. Now I can create hundreds of GUI windows in an integrated way all in the same day, with support of main menus and whatnot. I have an initial support for Web programming using the same approach -- for instance, I created a calculator which ran seamlessly with the same code in 6 different environments (3 GUIs and 3 Webs). Now this calculator has become a "plugin" that I can use from my main Editor, which itself has been built with the tools. Just this past week I rewrote a DB Administrator and this Editor using the new APIs that I had created in the past months.

There is more. Lots more. But all that I have done is because I have "sinked my ship" when I reached a certain point in my life that I felt there was no "turning back" -- it became a "win-win" situation. All I can say is that I don't regret anything, but I hope things will lighten up in a week or so and I will start living again.
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January 14th, 2006

was this about you ??

Sorry about that :)
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January 14th, 2006
LOL. BTW, today I created a join of table rows with code. It was fun. It was even more fun when I found a code to do the "order by" that I had created some time ago -- things we can forget about. :-)
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January 14th, 2006
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