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Amazon now sells sex toys

that is all.
Permalink muppet 
August 19th, 2005
Ah, yes.

I didn't see it at first, but then, there it was in the banner: "Try an Amazon short".

One would expect them to advertise their "Amazon longs", but that's marketing for you :)
Permalink Paulo Caetano 
August 19th, 2005
A review of the above product from Amazon:

"I was very disappointed with this product! The size was quite enjoyable but the vibrations were anything but powerful!! All I could elicit from this product was a low hum, no matter what speed I put it on. Achieving orgasm was impossible. Like my old rabbit vibrator much better,as the vibrations were so much more powerful. A complete waste of money. "

Permalink Jared 
August 19th, 2005
OK, my bad.

I was actually looking at the combo box with the product categories, and expecting some kind of... sexy category to show up :)
Permalink Paulo Caetano 
August 19th, 2005
Oops, you found an error!