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Secret Santa thing received.

Braved -23C weather today to pick up my Secret Santa gift, a book by some guy who used to be on Star Trek.
Permalink Flasher T 
January 18th, 2006
I've still had nothing, and FedEx seem to have lost the thing I sent originally so a duplicate has been dispatched (this time just in the goddamned post -- at least it costs less for them to lose it. :)
Permalink Mat Hall 
January 18th, 2006
Our little loop worked out...

me -> Ryan, Ryan -> nathan, nathan -> me

I think I was the last person to send but even that was received 10+ days ago.
Permalink KC 
January 18th, 2006
You mean Wil Wheaton posts here?
Permalink Sathyaish Chakravarthy 
January 18th, 2006
Sorry Flasher, if I'd have known you had to brave that, I would have sent along some hand warmers. Or some hot chocolate.

I also got mine in the mail - Souls in the Machine or something like that. I got to see it for all of 2 minutes before it got packed for the move. I'm looking forward to finding the box that it is in and reading it - I don't have any Sci Fi here, and haven't really read any before, so looking forward to it.
Permalink Cory Foy 
January 18th, 2006
It was -28C today. :)
Permalink Flasher T 
January 19th, 2006
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