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Media circus indeed

Sky News is starting a weekly show to monitor the progress of the Jackson trial.

They've actually hired actors and built a set to make visuals of the trial, based on the transcripts.

Permalink Flasher T 
March 6th, 2005
The judge put a gag order on Jay Leno that he couldn't tell jokes about MJ because it could taint the jury.

First of all, I think the order is unconstitutional. It's also silly.

But what's worse is that Leno has hired someone to deliver the jokes for him, obeying the letter of the order but not the intent.

Now, if this is a stunt by Leno to draw attention to the situation, fine. But for some reason I have this feeling he honestly thinks this will work, which would piss me off.

Permalink Philo 
March 6th, 2005
A case going on in the Courts in England & Wales is considered sub judice and so anything other than a straight reporting of the evidence would risk becoming contempt of court.

But then the interviewing of jurors is illegal after the case has been decided as well, as is identifying them in any way.
Permalink Simon Lucy 
March 6th, 2005
Oops, you found an error!