Are you people still here?

Humans damaging earth *really* badly,2106,3232287a12,00.html

ok, lets have a vote:

{A} Stupid top 1300 exports from 95 countries dont have a clue what they are talking need to change what we are doing.

[B] Its doesn't matter, the earth often does things like that, and although the current human society may be doomed for now, it will need to change what we are doing.

[C]Its not true, bush said that everything is going ot be ok and I believe need to change what we are doing.

[D} I believe its happening, I just dont care enough to actually do anything.

[E] Thats it, im going to change my lifestyle to make it more sustainable.

Im a [D], how about you?
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March 29th, 2005
Article: The study, by 1360 experts in 95 nations, said a rising human population had polluted or over-exploited two-thirds of the ecological systems on which life depends, ranging from clean air to fresh water, in the past 50 years.

Me: There is stil 1/3 left.
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March 29th, 2005
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