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Ethics vs. Morals

This is interesting - Art commented in another thread that "prostitution is unethical."

I think Art may think it's *immoral* (relativism) but that it's not unethical (which I was thinking was more objective and absolute).

But now I'm wondering - what's the difference between morals and ethics?

Permalink Philo 
January 15th, 2006
I suppose strictly they are the same thing but I tend to think of morals as being more associated with religion or sex while ethics are more independent and global.
Permalink Ross 
January 15th, 2006
Morals -> Cultural, religious or traditional notions of what is right and wrong.

Ethics -> Branch of philosophy dealing with how to determine what it right and wrong.
Permalink Eric Debois 
January 15th, 2006
First of all: morals comes from Latin, ethics from Greek.

Ethics is part of philosophy, it is a doctrine.

Morals are about an individuals behaviour, about his will.

And of course it is all about good and bad. Which makes it highly subjective and relative if you don't believe in a word of God.
Permalink Erik Springelkamp 
January 15th, 2006
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