Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Troll of the Month Strikes again.

So Joel wrote the forward for Bob's book MicroISV, and spends the entire time in the forward saying the term is stupid.... i happen to agree with Joel but thats an odd forward for a book called MicroISV.
Permalink Phil 
January 11th, 2006
Yeah, I thought that was odd. You'd think a forward to a book promoting Micro-ISV's would actually talk about what makes a good ISV -- not spend its time complaining about the term.
Permalink AllanL5 
January 11th, 2006
hey, guys. you gotta understand. Joel's getting old and his non-sense value is at an all time high.

Permalink Sathyaish Chakravarthy 
January 11th, 2006
It's just a forward. Nothing more, nothing less.

And it was a good read.
Permalink SOAP 
January 11th, 2006
I thought it was awesome. While it seemed completely inappropriate for the book (almost insulting to the author), it basically was Joel speaking his mind and acting independently. I'm sure for the author it was something like "this is what you get...take it or leave it", and the credibility of Joel was worth the seeming conflict.
Permalink Dennis Forbes 
January 11th, 2006
I liked that bit.

"...but you little people feel free to enjoy yourselves. Just remember to use .NET!"

That was one of the eternal Joel quotes that I will remember and pass off as my own. ok, kidding again. It's one of the funny things that stand out. The last one I heard from him was, "...my blisters had blisters and I had pain in places where I didn't know I had places."

There are some more I am forgetting. I am going to compile them one day and sell them in a book ;-)
Permalink Sathyaish Chakravarthy 
January 11th, 2006
Add them to wikiquote.
Permalink Colm O'Connor 
January 11th, 2006
Well he can't be TOTM (Troll of the Month) then. He'll have to be the very first anointed as PT (Perma-Troll) and lead the TOTM cue.
Permalink PNII 
January 11th, 2006
Can't *any* of you spell foreword properly? JHC.
Permalink Andy 
January 11th, 2006
> Can't *any* of you spell foreword properly? JHC.

Isn't that an expletive?
Permalink !backward 
January 11th, 2006
Woah, WTF was that? At the very least it says "The title of this book is stupid."

I suspect it was supposed to be a tension/release thing, but gone terribly awry.
Permalink MarkTAW 
January 11th, 2006

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