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(SPOILERS) His Dark Materials trilogy (SPOILERS)

Warning : SPOILERS ahoy!

OK, so I've been reading Philip Pullman's _His Dark Materials_ trilogy -- good fantasy for younger audiences (kind of in the Harry Potter vein, but darker and smarter), and I just got to the big "reveal". The series involves two kids (one from Earth, one from another universe) who team up and fight against an evil, powerful entity called the Authority. OK, so, standard fare.

Well, not really. As is eventually revealed, the Authority is in fact God. That's right -- the biblical God. Here's an excerpt from the third book :

"Tell me, then," said Will...."what is the Authority. Is he God?"

(The angel) said quietly, "The Authority, God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty — those were all names he gave himself. He was never the creator....The first angels condensed out of Dust, and the Authority was the first of all. He told those who came after him that he had created them, but it was a lie."

Uh, damn. Basically, the whole thing ends up being about the overwhelming evil and perfidy of the Christian Church and its God, and the series wraps up with the forces of good -defeating Him- and ending his tyrannical regime. It's pretty cool, too.

So here's my question : maybe I totally missed something, but how come Harry Potter gets all the ire of the Christian-right? I mean, this trilogy is massively popular, has won (I think) more awards than Harry Potter ... and yet Harry Potter gets banned because it "promotes witchcraft"? By comparison, in the world of these books, the Christian God is a liar, a despot, and the single worst thing to ever happen to mankind. Did I miss the Christian-right backlash on this one? Are they just ignoring it? What gives?
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August 24th, 2005
HDM never got the attention that Potter did. If and when it does get anywhere close to the attention of Harry Potter books, the author will end up like Salman Rushdie: hiding and under death sentence from the religious fanatics. It does get *some* attention, and the movie that is being made is going to have every last reference to god removed (thus destroying the whole plot like almost every movie hollywood makes from a book), so that they don't end up on a fatwah from Pat Robertson or the other AmeriTalibans.
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August 24th, 2005
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