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Do you think Firefox can win a significant share of the market?

Around 6% now and growing - some estimates put it over 10%.

I'm just curious what people think.

Permalink Philo 
March 27th, 2005
well, that's comparable to the linux market share, and ms sees it as a threat, so yes.
Permalink Aaron F Stanton 
March 27th, 2005
On two of my domains, the share between Firefox and IE is more like 50/50.
Permalink muppet 
March 27th, 2005
Define significant. A lot will ride on if IE7 is secure and a better interface. Now, Firefox has a lame interface so it should be easy pickings for MS to knock down.

Also, Firefox's development team consists really of only 1/2 person.

If MS can't beat that wit htheir team of dozens of highly paid professionals, they are pretty lame.
Permalink Davis Maculay 
March 27th, 2005
I use Safari at home for almost all my browsing, and for the rare cases it won't do something, I'll use Firefox next. At work, I use Firefox as much possible, but am forced to use IE much of the time and hate it.

As more and more people find that Firefox will meet their browsing needs, they will switch. I think the question is better put "Can MS IE keep it's current browser dominance?"

Given how vunerable IE is on the Windows platform, I'm amazed that anybody continues to use it at all.
Permalink Calgarian 
March 27th, 2005
The geeks are moving over if my blogs readers are any indication. My blog's user agent stats have IE only a few percentage points more than Mozilla/Firefoz.
Permalink ronk! 
March 27th, 2005
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