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Google rank

I am trying to get a handle on this google rank thing and there are many many resources on the web which frankly I have no idea how accurate they are.

Anyone here can recommend good resources for search engine optimization in particular. I am, like anyone else on the web, very interested in boosting my site's google rank.

Thanks in advance.
Permalink Cosmo Kramer 
August 4th, 2005
Here's some interesting info:


One of our clients was ready to spend over $50,000/year paying an SEO company to do work for them. Rip off big time....
Permalink Yoey 
August 4th, 2005
I can second the length of time for registered domains. I have had my site registered for several years now, and I find that pretty much anything I post now is ranked in the top 10 of Google a few days later. In fact, one of those posts - about a "Golden Warthog" in the game Halo2 - has consistantly been my bigest referrer for well over 3 months now.

I don't do anything special, so I think that it plays quite a large role in it. For now. :)
Permalink Cory Foy 
August 4th, 2005
There's a market for established corporations because banks prefer corporations that have been established for a while. I wonder if there's a market for domains being transferred in a similar fashion.
Permalink MarkTAW 
August 5th, 2005

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