Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Bush knows what's important



"President Bush rushed back from his Texas ranch for a chance to sign the measure that could trigger a federal court review and a quick restoration of feeding tubes needed to keep the brain-damaged Florida woman alive."

So - two planes crash into the World Trade Center, he reads books. 250,000 killed in Indonesia by a tsunami, he keeps playing golf. Congress debates a bill to take care of one woman's life, he's on the first plane back to DC.


Permalink Philo 
March 20th, 2005
Politicians LOVE this. It's nothing that puts politicians under the gun.

Now, economic issues that put them in conflict with their fundraising...
Permalink Tayssir John Gabbour 
March 20th, 2005
Philo you are reaching. She hasn't died, maybe he can prevent her death. Her impending death is a concrete thing. The other events you mentioned are not remotely comparable. The fact that you relate them should cause the rest of us to say WTF???

As a side note I heard long horn will include feeding tube 1.0.
March 21st, 2005
Fifteen years in a vegetative state seems punishment enough.
Permalink Simon Lucy 
March 21st, 2005
lets face it, if there is one person who doesn't care its the (primary) victim.

bush on holiday again? poor man must be under a lot of stress; seems a shame to disturb him.
Permalink FullNameRequired 
March 21st, 2005
Except that she's not in a "Persistent Vegetative State".

Her "feeding tube" is an IV.

She was starting to form words before her rehabilitation was ended back in the early 1990's.

When her family came in on Friday and told her the tube was to be taken out, she started crying.

If this was being done to an animal, people would go to jail.
If this was being done to a criminal, people would go to jail.

But since this is a human, it's okay.
Permalink KC 
March 21st, 2005
Maybe she was crying with relief and gratitude for finally being allowed to escape the hell she's been living in for so long?
Permalink Aaron F Stanton 
March 21st, 2005
Whoah, deja vu.
Permalink Neo 
March 21st, 2005
The point, Aaron, is that we don't know what she's thinking. So we ought to give her the benefit of the doubt, in the absence of a legal document stating that she would rather die than be confined to a hospital bed.

My theory is that the husband gave her the injury that put her in that hospital bed, and he lives in constant fear that one day she will regain her speech.
Permalink Let her live. What's it to you? 
March 21st, 2005
Sort of a Brimstone & Treacle thing, if you will.
Permalink Kyralessa 
March 21st, 2005
Let's not forget that Terri happens to live in Florida, which happens to be Governed by W's brother. Sometimes being connected with family members can help. Also remember that good ol Jeb did the same thing several months ago in a law that was deemed unconstitutional.

Oddly enough, I'm from Tampa (we just moved to Charlotte about a year ago) and promise you there is more to the area then Kidnapper/Murderers and battles over private matters. Not much, but it's there.
Permalink Cory Foy 
March 21st, 2005

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