Feel the Bern, Motherfuckers.

iPodding seriously damages your chances of getting laid.



The Reg rules. :D
Permalink Flasher T 
March 27th, 2005
good slant on this by the Reg I think

the headteacher has the right idea and sadly not many media commentators will agree ...

I like having a walkman or similar for occasional long journeys but in general I hate them for the daily commute - I think they really cut you off (as the headteacher said)
Permalink london poster 
March 27th, 2005
All hail The Register. Nice story.
Permalink Erik 
March 27th, 2005
Since commuters positively avoid the existence of each other I can't see how an iPod will make any difference, unless it goes tss-tss-tss-tss-crump-tss-tss for everyone else and in that case lynching is too good for them.
Permalink Simon Lucy 
March 28th, 2005
I iPod all the time and chicks dig me more - they think I am foxy!

Have you ever banged a chick while having your while listing to your favorite tune in iPod?
Permalink IE is a piece of crap! 
March 28th, 2005
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