Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Does height matter?

Sorry, another question ... would you date someone taller than you, or alot shorter? What's your preference?
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March 9th, 2005
I'm 6'3" and my wife is 5'3". We both love it.
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March 9th, 2005
>> We both love it.

Really? When I was in high school I was 6'1", and I dated a girl who was 5'0". What a pain in the ass.

The height difference was bothersome as well.
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March 9th, 2005
"The height difference was bothersome as well" really makes me wonder what "what a pain in the ass" means.
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March 9th, 2005
Length and girth seem more appreciated by the people I mix with :)
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March 9th, 2005
Fnaar fnaar
March 9th, 2005
Height seems to matter to some degree when it comes to salary, i.e., a taller person gets paid more than someone shorter for the same job. At least according to some article I read awhile ago whose source escapes me at the moment.

Height also seems to matter in basketball. :-P
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March 10th, 2005
Reminds me:

Q. Did you hear about the eight-foot-tall man who searched the world looking for an eight-foot-tall woman?

A: Answer's in here:

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March 10th, 2005

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