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Any way to find cause of undelivered email

There is someone that I can send email to, but whose email to me never arrives. I don't seem to have undeliverable email issues with anyone else. Is there any way to track down the cause of the undeliverable emails?

The other person (a relative of mine) and I both have personal domains for sending emails (not using any of the free email services). I can send emails to her without any problems, but when she sends emails to me, or replies to my emails, they never arrive. She does not receive any kind of bounce message or undeliverable-email message. I have searched the spam black lists for both her domain name and mine (by both name and IP address) and didn't find any entries. My email hosting provider claims that they are not filtering or blocking any emails (and I certainly get spam, which I filter at the client using POPFile).

I don't have any trouble getting email from anyone else (that I know of), and she can send emails to other people.
She can send emails to another relative of mine, who can forward them to me without any problems. (They are all in Australia, and I'm in the US, if that makes a difference.)

This problem has existed for more than a year, and neither of us has changed domain hosts for a long time, so the DNS entries everywhere should be stable and correct.

Any suggestions on what to look for or how to trace this type of problem?
Permalink Philip Dickerson 
March 23rd, 2005
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