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Anyone else picked up one of these little marvels, and if so don't you feel like you're commanding a space shuttle when you use it? I didn't bother to pre-order it but when I found out the local BestBuy had overstock I picked one up and a couple of games (Tony hawk and Metal gear). So far so good, I'm fairly impressed. Uploading music to the memory stick was completely painless, haven't tried any video yet but someone else here at my office did and it was also just as easy.
Permalink Somebody 
March 24th, 2005
I saw the trailer for Metal Gear, wow that looked amazing. It was almost PS2 level graphics, but I guess that's not too surprising considering the size of the PS2.

How's the battery life?
Permalink MarkTAW 
March 24th, 2005
Well it had about an hour or so of charge when I took it out of the package. I played a bit of Tony hawk and then I borrowed Lumines from someone here in the office and played that for a while (very fun casual puzzle game by the way). It's now sitting and charging so I'll have to come to a conclusion about the battery over the course of a few days. Hopefully it's not that bad and then there's always this to grab once it comes out in a few weeks: http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/product/255789.asp Which advertises that it will add 5+ hours of life in addition to the subtle fact that it also plays off the secondary battery first keeping your PSP battery at full capacity which hopefully increases the lifespan of it.
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March 24th, 2005
PSP certainly looks cool. But I pretty much refuse to buy any Sony product. I have a SonyEricsson P800, which being a Sony product, uses that goddamn Memory Stick format. Well not exactly, it uses Memory Stick Duo. And don't confuse that with Memory Stick Duo Pro because those won't work.

How many formats has Sony invented? Well lets see:

Memory Stick
Memory Stick (with memory select)
Memory Stick MagicGate
Memory Stick Duo
Memory Stick Duo MagicGate
Memory Stick PRO
Memory Stick PRO Duo

And many of these are not compatible with each other!

I actually wish more stuff came out supporting CompactFlash! My camera does and it's one of the reasons I bought it.
Permalink Almost Anonymous 
March 24th, 2005
I do fine with SecureDigital cards.
Permalink muppet 
March 24th, 2005
I like SD cards too. One of my coworkers picked one up this morning. That display is frickin gorgeous.
Permalink Jeff Barton 
March 24th, 2005
...he picked up a PSP that is... as SD cards do not have displays in their default configuration ;0
Permalink Jeff Barton 
March 24th, 2005
Don't have time to play that stuff. If anything I'd rather pick up a U50 or a U71 from Sony, they cost 10 times more but I am more likely to read a chm/pdf/htm file than a mpeg4/avi when I am on the transit. Still, I envy those who have it :)
Permalink Li-fan Chen 
March 25th, 2005
I'm with AA. I refuse to buy Sony products, or anything that uses a memory stick. The put goddamn DRM on it so even if you took the pictures or recorded the music, you don't have rights to do stuff with it.
Permalink Miles Archer 
March 25th, 2005
Anyone know what and how many movies are currently available for the PSP?

(Yes, I could Google for the answer, but that type of search is frowned upon at work, ya know?)
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March 29th, 2005

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