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Power tools

We get heaps of junk mail catalogues - most of which I ignore. But one last weekend had shop power tools - drills, sanders, jigsaws or angle grinders for 15AUD each.

Cripes that's cheap, wondering if they work and how long they would last in action. Then I pick up the next flyer. Same stuff but $9.95 each. That's 7USD. Cheaper than a cask of red. Or a pack of smokes.

I'd like to know what this signifies as it seems to fly in the face of all reason. A sessile 4 plug powerstrip for 2 bucks I can understand but power tools used to be stuff you would carefully check out before committing serious money to.

Moving up a notch, there are reasonably well made Chinese copies of DeWalt designs for a fraction of the DeWalt price - not that I'm overly fond of that particular brand - simply an example. Other brands such as Hitachi are also copied. Consumers must love the prices and it can't be complete crap, otherwise it wouldn't be there.

So what's the price of a cheap Chinese drill at WalMart? Or ASDA?

Just a thought. Some time ago if a big bakery wanted to starve out a smaller competitor they would undercut the price of bread throughout the target market until the victim sold up or went out of business.
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March 21st, 2005
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