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best way to include google adds?

Is there a preferred way to include google adds on your site?

Here are the scenarios:
1. old well indexed pages
2. new content
3. wiki
4. blog

For pages in general i see a few options:
1. use a separate add frame
2. add a column to an existing table so the adds are on the right hand side
3. insert the code at the bottom of the page

I like the adds to the right so that leaves the table option or the frame option. My concern for the frame option is that i have to move the content to another page which destroys all my URLs. So i went with the table option.

On new content does google index framed pages cleanly?

Not sure about the wiki or the blog yet.

I don't use css yet so i am not sure how that impacts things either.

And of course, is it worth the effort?
Permalink son of parnas 
March 1st, 2005
Why do you need to put them in an iframe? Just put them in a table cell or a div.

If you want people to click on them, you have to think about what they're looking at when the ads are on the screen. Will they glance away from what they're reading to the side column? Will they bother to look at the ads below what they're reading? Above? etc.

The Google Ads on my site aren't making me rich, but more than pay for my hosting bill.
Permalink MarkTAW 
March 1st, 2005
"And of course, is it worth the effort?"

If you're honest - probably not.

I have posted several very well received technical documents, pretty much for reputation purposes, and out of curiousity (I actually planned on doing a research paper on it) I stuck some Google ads on them. These pages are read literally hundreds of times a day, every single day (mostly via blog references and search engine hits. Usually for work purposes as they fall off on weekends), and these aren't just flyby hits - I see people sit on a page for a couple of minutes, go to the next page, and so on. The google ads are remarkably targeted, and it's for the sort of thing that the average readership would have a pretty high interest in.

Over the past 6 months or so, this has yielded about $40.00 of earnings (and of course I believe that you don't get a penny unless you pass $100, and Google like many other "associate" programs relies upon the fact that most associates will give up far short of the minimum payout). Of course I could pimp this up by asking friends and family to click on google links, or by getting the assistance of click bots, but that hardly seems honest.

Honestly the earnings are so low for high-value/lower readership sites (versus low value high pass by sites where you just hope that people accidentally click a link) that I'm not bothering in the future. From a personal business perspective honestly I'd be very wary of advertising via adwords, as I suspect that a very, very high percentage of click throughs are people with zero interest in the product. This is going to come home to roost when advertisers compare the returns with their ad costs.
Permalink Dennis Forbes 
March 1st, 2005
I believe I've made 89 cents this month and I can quite see why given the fairly tedious nature of the adverts, though the is marginally more interesting than the set, perhaps that's a true reflection of a rapidly changing site compared to a slowly changing but with longer content per post site.
Permalink Simon Lucy 
March 1st, 2005
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