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Does a program exist for editing file type actions in Windows?

If I right-click on an MP3 or file folder I get a ton of actions. Some of these are for programs I almost never use. The File Types dialog in explorer doesn't list most of these actions (and you can't remove any actions from file folders).

I know I can muck around in the registry but that's pain in the ass. I've tried googling without luck. Does anyone here know of a tool for editing file type actions?
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August 15th, 2005
"Does a program exist for editing file type actions in Windows?"

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August 15th, 2005
That sucks.
Permalink H. 
August 15th, 2005
Yes, but I don't remember where I found it, and it didn't just "do it" for you- it did a couple of the steps and helped you through some of the others.
Permalink Joel Coehoorn 
August 15th, 2005

Look for "Context Menu" on sites like download.com. I'd be surprised if PC Magazine didn't have something like this.
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August 15th, 2005
One mechanism is built in.

Open an Explorer window.
Go to Tools, then Folder Options.
Click the File Types tab.
Pick a type of file.
Click Advanced.
Add what you want.

Another is to put things (e.g. shortcuts to apps) in your Send To folder. I always put a text editor there.
Permalink mb 
August 16th, 2005
Oh, you already know about File Types. The other random things are probably Shell extensions of various types.
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August 16th, 2005

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