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Here's why America has been so out of synch with the world

I am referring to why it's so darwinian in comparison to other countries.

Wish that I could recall who came up with this thesis back in the 1980s, but memory fails me. It was probably some economist.

Now bear in mind that he said this more than 20 years ago and things have changed in Europe since then due to the huge influx of moslems.

Basically, this unkown fellow said that the main reason for such dramatic attitudinal differences regarding social programs and safety nets between Europeans and Americans lies in the fact that the former are all related.

Think about it.

If you go back sufficient generations, you discover that all Germans are related to other Germans. Same applies to the French, Belgians, Czechs, English, etc. They have a sense of family.

Conversely, this being the land of immigrants it's next to impossible to feel a desire to share with neighbors from strange lands.

If I were living in a country comprised exclusively of "my stock", I'd be happy to pay a little extra in taxes so that everyone had access to health care and old people weren't homeless.

But here in the USA I just don't give a shit anymore about my fellow man. Why should I? He doesn't give a shit about me. (BTW, I have lived for extended periods in the USA, Canada, and Europe.)

Sadly, I think that the attitudes in Europe and Canada, due to massive immigration from peoples no longer interested in assimilating, are deteriorating into a US-like condition of "devil take the hindmost".

And that my friends, sucks the Big One.
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March 17th, 2005
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