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Slaves talking about freedom

Original article by a slave wishfully thinking for a world where lions sleep along sheep:

And discussion by a bunch of idiots who delude themselves in thinking they have a choice:

Like this one: "My father passed away with 200+ days of unspent holiday, and I cannot remember a moment with him. I for sure won’t make the same mistake."
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December 5th, 2017 3:01am
Take out holidays, early retirement, extended education, part-time working and unemployment and you'll find the overall figure isn't much higher than 15 hours a week.

Jeffrey Sachs has an interesting talk on this at

What society has been very good at is convincing a group of high achievers that they need to work really hard to fill their lives with consumerist crap.
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December 5th, 2017 6:14am

"Where hunter-gatherers saw themselves simply as part of an inherently productive environment, farmers regarded their environment as something to manipulate, tame and control. But as any farmer will tell you, bending an environment to your will requires a lot of work. The productivity of a patch of land is directly proportional to the amount of energy you put into it."
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December 5th, 2017 6:52am
>> The acceptance of the link between hard work and prosperity played a profound role in reshaping human destiny.

I'm not advocating sitting on my fat lazy ass. What I'm against is working 12 hours per day for the benefit of my masters in return for a bowl of soup, without possibility of changing a damn thing.
I'm a highly intelligent, educated and skillful individual who would love to invest his time in something more fullfilling than fixing bugs in ad servers. I wanna study and try cures for cancer and cellular death. I wanna study and try building warp engines and time machines. I can't do that as a "hobby" in the 1.5 hours I still have got besides showering, eating, sleeping and giving up to the desperate begging of my kid and also spend 10 minutes playing with him.
I saw somewhere a question on the line of "what would a highly intelligent individual would have done if he were born as a serf in the middle ages (not to say a slave in antiquity)". Well, he'd have exactly the same damn chances of building space ships or advancing microbiology as me and hordes of guys like me escaping the modern equivalent of rolling through mud". It's a fucking miracle I haven't given up yet and just accept my mysery, slave my life away and sign up from now already on the list to buy the upcoming iPhoneY.

>> What society has been very good at is convincing a group of high achievers that they need to work really hard to fill their lives with consumerist crap.

I think you're confusing the answer given by a North Korean peasant to a western reporter "we hate Americans and love our crappy life" for truth. Unless you're a brainwashed cretin, and we're not all brainwashed cretins, I'm not *convinced* of nothing, I just don't have a choice. Also it's not like I'm not struggling to create me this choice, and by God, if I succeed in just sparking that start of that business I intend to change the way this whole fucking world operates. It only takes one business who's successful without the omnipresent model of authoritarian dictatorship which is how all businesses except for democratic states operate.
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December 5th, 2017 2:48pm

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