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Tester job

Looks like what I'm good at, as defined by how much I'm payed, is not development but testing.

Right now I'm ironing out bugs from a software that dates at least 5 years as "hot selling stuff" and 10 as "started to dabble with it". Took me a year to get to this level, will probably take be a few weeks more to figure out why Europe works sometimes but not also South America, or they work at the same time but then China is down. Then another bug.

So I'm slow, and I know it. Therefore I must orient myself to the jobs that pay a heckton to the slow guys like me.

Like, have you gotten to Europe (the Jupiter moon) already? Does the latest newest Javascript framework spitted in half the time of the last time a Javascript was spitted (i.e. yesterday) before reaching it's half time, help you in any way in reaching that Europe in half of the half of that time?


Good! Then you know where I come from.
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December 6th, 2017 12:30pm

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