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Is calling a shithole a shithole racist?

(If he did)

And allegedly...

Norway is ok

Not Sweden
Not Holland
Not Germany
Not UK
Not Italy

He knows!
Permalink Zaperoony 
January 12th, 2018 1:09pm
No.  Shitholes exist.

But calling a country "a shithole" is a lie.  No country is entirely a shithole.

And calling a GROUP of countries "shitholes" because their residents are dark-colored, is both a lie and racist.
Permalink SaveTheHubble 
January 12th, 2018 1:20pm
Some countries really are shitholes, none of us is scrambling to move to Yemen or North Korea and for good reasons.

However the president of the United States should know better than to describe them as such because it doesn't help anybody.
Permalink library_uk 
January 12th, 2018 1:34pm
It is a private meeting between the President and a group of congressmen. The Democrat Rick Durbin decides to leak out just to make the President looking bad. I bet you that in private the Democrats use all nasty terms too but they won't leak out on themselves. This is nothing but dirty politics.
Permalink AlFranken 
January 12th, 2018 1:37pm
Hasn't Hillary betrayed rampant racism several times over the years?
Permalink Plm 
January 12th, 2018 1:39pm
The folksy "Give 'Em Hell Harry" was beloved by some and tsk-tsked by others for the colorful language he attributed to his youthful days working on the Santa Fe railroad, when he slept in hobo camps. In Truman's eyes, General Douglas MacArthur was a "dumb son of a bitch," and Nixon was "a shifty-eyed goddamned liar."
"I never did give them hell," he once reminisced. "I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell." It was an earlier, simpler time.
Permalink AlFranken 
January 12th, 2018 1:40pm
Before riding to President Obama's rescue with his Democratic National Convention speech in September, Bill Clinton wasn't exactly on the best of terms with the current prez. When Obama beat Hillary Clinton in South Carolina's Democratic primary in 2008, the former president compared the victory to Jesse Jackson's primary wins back in the Eighties. The Obama campaign hinted that the analogy was racially tinged, and Clinton shot back: "I don't think I should take any shit from anybody on that, do you?"
Permalink AlFranken 
January 12th, 2018 1:41pm
While campaigning for president in 2000, George W. Bush leaned over to his running mate, Dick Cheney, as they waited at the podium for a rally to begin and commented on the presence of New York Times reporter Adam Clymer. Believing he had an audience of one, Bush called Clymer a "major-league asshole." Trouble was, the microphone in front of them was already live, and many in the audience heard the offhand comment loud and clear. After he'd taken office, Bush used his sense of humor to offer an apology of sorts when he taped a message for the press corps attending an annual dinner, calling Clymer a "major league ass . . . et."
Permalink AlFranken 
January 12th, 2018 1:41pm
"People said my language was bad," recalled Nixon, "but Jesus, you should have heard LBJ." Few if any presidents have been quite as coarse as Johnson, who famously consulted with cabinet members while he sat on the crapper with the door open. His language was salted with profanity. "I do know the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad," he once said.
Permalink AlFranken 
January 12th, 2018 1:42pm
I found a REAL shithole:
Permalink Bored Bystander 
January 12th, 2018 3:09pm
> And calling a GROUP of countries "shitholes" because their residents are dark-colored, is both a lie and racist.

It's not our problem that blacks can't run any country they rule worth a damn. Truth hurts.
Permalink Uno Pepe 
January 12th, 2018 5:38pm
WTF does race have to do with it?

Haiti is the very definition of a shithole. Is anyone going to honestly say Haiti is not a complete shithole?

In fact it was a literal shithole that brought them the cholera problems. A Nepalese shithole from Nepalese UN workers brought in by the fucking Clintons. Haiti's been a playground for western imperialists to fuck up for over a century now, and it shows.

Blame the populace? Nah. Not their fault. They didn't bring the cholera.
Permalink Reality Check 
January 12th, 2018 6:20pm
"none of us is scrambling to move to Yemen or North Korea"

North Korea is a shithole, sure, but Yemen is a very cool place, not a shithole, at least it wasn't until the CIA and Saudis started bombing the fuck out of everything.
Permalink Reality Check 
January 12th, 2018 6:23pm
The reason countries are dumps is usually a culture of corruption.  The leaders are corrupt and the people go along with it.

If you think corruption in the USA is bad, a lot of these other countries are MUCH MUCH worse.
Permalink FSK 
January 12th, 2018 6:37pm
> Senator Tom Cotton Ark. AT THE MEETING
Senator David Perdue Ga. AT THE MEETING

“We do not recall the president saying these comments specifically, but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest.” »
Permalink DJ Trump 
January 12th, 2018 8:30pm
>Yemen is a very cool place

Citation needed
Permalink Troll 765 
January 13th, 2018 5:50am
Most of those countries ARE shitholes though.  Why do we constantly have to pretend things aren't, just to not offend some nobodies?
Permalink Ruseman 
January 13th, 2018 6:55am
Ruseman frames it.

Naming a shithole is a strong identification, of oneself.
Permalink Lotti Fuehrscheim 
January 13th, 2018 7:44am
Ruseman is just saying thins to provoke. He’s a troll.
Permalink _______X_______ 
January 13th, 2018 8:10am
So trolls are people who speak obvious truths, to provoke, because the truth is provocative?

Reminds me a lot of the old Greek philosophers like Diogenes the Cynic, or even Socrates who was so annoying going around and speaking truth they forced him to drink Hemlock.
Permalink Reality Check 
January 13th, 2018 8:15am
Diogenes was a controversial figure.

In a highly nontraditional fashion, he had a reputation for sleeping and eating wherever he chose and took to toughening himself against nature. He declared himself a cosmopolitan and a citizen of the world rather than claiming allegiance to just one place.

Diogenes made a virtue of poverty. He begged for a living and often slept in a large ceramic jar in the marketplace.

He became notorious for his philosophical stunts such as carrying a lamp during the day, claiming to be looking for an honest man. He criticized and embarrassed Plato, disputed his interpretation of Socrates and sabotaged his lectures, sometimes distracting attendees by bringing food and eating during the discussions.

After being captured by pirates and sold into slavery, Diogenes eventually settled in Corinth. There he passed his philosophy of Cynicism to Crates, who taught it to Zeno of Citium, who fashioned it into the school of Stoicism
Permalink wiki bot 
January 13th, 2018 8:23am
> According to legend, Alexander the Great came to visit the Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope. Alexander wanted to fulfill a wish for Diogenes and asked him what he desired. According to the version recounted by Diogenes Laërtius, Diogenes replied "Stand out of my light."

Permalink R 
January 13th, 2018 8:25am
> Sold as a slave, he pointed and said, "Sell me to this man; he needs a master." The man heeded the advice, and entrusted Diogenes with his household and the education of his children.
Permalink R 
January 13th, 2018 8:28am
> When asked what wine he found most pleasant to drink, Diogenes replied, "That for which other people pay."

> Reproached for behaving indecently in public, he lamented only that he wished it were as easy to relieve hunger by rubbing one's stomach. And criticized for drinking in a tavern, he said that he also had his hair cut in a barber's shop.
Permalink R 
January 13th, 2018 8:31am
"Reproached for behaving indecently in public, he lamented only that he wished it were as easy to relieve hunger by rubbing one's stomach."

So classical philosophers in the modern time are divided into two groups. The internet trolls. And the registered sex offenders.
Permalink Reality Check 
January 13th, 2018 9:14am
Again, call a space a spade. No need to pussyfoot around.
Permalink Ruseman 
January 13th, 2018 11:30am
Funny story of Diogenes

The story of how Diogenes and Antisthenes came together is an interesting one. Attracted by the ascetic teaching of Antisthenes, Diogenes came to be his student. Antisthenes struck Diogenes with his staff when Diogenes first came to the doors of the cynic school, but Diogenes refused to leave and said "Strike me, Antisthenes, but you will never find a stick sufficiently hard to remove me from your presence, while you speak anything worth hearing." Then, Diogenes became a student of Antisthenes.

Diogenes became the pupil of Antisthenes and rapidly surpassed his master both in reputation and in the austerity of his life. Unlike the other citizens of Athens, Diogenes avoided earthly pleasures. His attitude was grounded in his great disdain for what he perceived as the folly, vanity, pretence, self-deception, social climbing, and artificiality of much human conduct.

Diogenes said:
"I am Diogenes the Dog. I nuzzle the kind, bark at the greedy and bite scoundrels."
Naturally, all the stories of Diogenes seem to have the same sort of cynical comedy to them as his first encounter with Antisthenes.
Permalink Walter 
January 13th, 2018 11:58am
I am the dog!  Awesome guy.
Permalink Walter 
January 13th, 2018 11:58am
Sarky guy!

> When Diogenes noticed a prostitute's son throwing rocks at crowd, Diogenes said to him "Careful, son. Don't hit your father."
Permalink Walter 
January 13th, 2018 11:59am
Big ambitions!

The question was put to Diogenes, what hope is; and his answer was, "The dream of a waking man."
Permalink Walter 
January 13th, 2018 12:02pm

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