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Human facial recognition is pretty amazing

That story pisses me off in that they are suggesting they caught the bad guy.

I researched this a bit. There was a "Central Market stand", apparently a table at a farmer's market. The farmer had gone to the bathroom. Some guy stood there and sold some tomatoes, then left with the money.

The witness then drew that sketch themselves and said the guy was short and "either south american or vietnamese" (WTF?).

This sketch went out and people made fun of the police.

Someone called the tip line and said "Looks like the homeless dude who calls himself Hung Phuoc Nguyen (Hung Fuck Win)." BTW, Mr. 'Hung Fuck' is white and that's not his real name, but he calls himself that because he is crazy or thinks it is funny.

So they pull his drivers license photo and show it with some others to the witness who drew the ridiculed picture. The witness says "Yeah it was that guy." So they have an APB and warrant out for Hung Fuck, but he hasn't been found.

Chance Hung Fuck did the crime: I'd say 1%.
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February 11th, 2018 5:58pm
Chance the "witness" who drew the picture is actually the one that stole the money: 37.2%.
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February 11th, 2018 5:59pm

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