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Bloody Clients

This is an IT support client story:

Some months ago, they reported that sometimes the Windows start bar shows up when the custom screen saver they created is activated (it shows their company name in a pretty font).  One user seems to have isolated it to when alerts are present on the screen (eg when you download an app), but we weren't able to replicate.  There were some other screensaver related issues.  All told, we are now sitting at about 7.5 hours of work put into a screensaver not coming up correctly.

We told the client (Friday):

"Based on our research, the task bar problem is a result of a setting embedded in the screen saver itself. I do not believe it is hurting anything, however, this setting can be tweaked in the code for the screen saver."

Client replies (today):
"The issue is not resolved until the problem is rectified. Or, the notes on file should indicate that you could not resolve the problem. The ticket should not be closed with no commentary because this could begin to appear on other laptops in the future."

This afternoon, we resolve the second last remaining screensaver issue and tell the client so.

They remind us:
"Please note that when I walked away from my computer today, the screensaver did come up but the task bar at the bottom of the screen was still there. This was one of the issues with the screensaver that I had flagged. Anyway, thought you should know that the problem appears to be continuing despite the work you did on it today."

I'm sitting here going:

"It's a SCREEN SAVER!  Your task bar is hurting nothing.  It's apparently a FEATURE of the screensaver, which is technically a custom piece of software which isn't even supported under your contract, although it's a bit late for me to tell you that now.

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January 30th, 2006 5:42pm
And we didn't SAY that we fixed the task bar problem.

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January 30th, 2006 5:43pm
This is why I kept Unreal ready to play at a moment's notice when I was doing support.

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January 30th, 2006 5:50pm
The latest:
We write:
As of last week, this ticket had been resolved for most users, with the exception of two remaining issues. Technician solved one of these this afternoon and the remaining issue was traced to a setting that is a function of the screen saver program.

The fact that the task bar sometimes appears is apparently a setting embedded in the screen saver program. Short of recreating the screensaver, there is not much else we can do to turn this setting off. Or, in other words, this is a "feature" of the screensaver (perhaps not intentional), rather than a problem with the IT infrastructure.

The next step is either to recode the screensaver (this would be billable) or for someone to contact the developper of this custom piece of software and request support. We would be happy to liaison with your screensaver developper, but would require their contact information.
"Why wasn't this a problem with the Toshiba laptop we had?  We never experienced any laptop problems with the screensaver prior to us moving to the new laptops and having the screensaver put on them.  So, not sure I understand this train of thought.  If there was a problem with the coding, we would have seen similar problems on the previous machines.  The fact we had no problems ever prior to moving to the Dell I do not believe the diagnosis is correct.  If you will be closing this ticket, please indicate that you were unable to resolve the issue.  We have noted this on our files."

Two things: I never said I was about to close the bloody ticket.  I will shoot the person who diagnosed it as a software problem if it isn't really.
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January 30th, 2006 10:51pm

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