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baghdad Bob was right

Remember Baghdad Bob?

He was the jolly Minister of Information of Iraq when the US invaded that country. He has been widely ridiculed for saying that the invaders were crooks, villains and war criminals - but he was correct. He was laughed at for saying that the occupiers would never conquer Iraq - and invader butt is kicked severely. The British recently fled Basra and the Americans are holed up in their Green Zone, letting mercenaries do most of the dying. Most of the rest of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf’s statements were rather “optimistic”.


The US 3/7 Cavalry was tasked with securing Baghdad Airport, and Baghdad Bob claimed that US troups were utterly routed there. Interestingly, a live CNN report featured an emotional Walter Rodgers interviewing a crying Lieutenant Colonel Ferrell, commander of the 3/7 Cavalry. The transmission was immediately cut. CNN’s Aaron Brown later said “There are things we can’t tell you now.”

Burnt-out Abrams tank at Baghdad Airport:

The story: Iraqi commando’s were positioned in tunnels underneath the airport’s main building. During the night, the US soldiers slept in its higher storeys. The commando’s flooded the first floor and electrified the pool of water with a high-voltage cable. Then they pumped aviation fuel into the higher floors and set it on fire. The fleeing occupants were electrocuted as they tried to escape. The following day had Saddam Hussein personally decapitating some survivors with a sword, with summoned Iraqi reporters documenting the event.

Baghdad Bob was right, but at that sensitive stage of the war it would have been disastrous for the US leadership to have this leak out. Therefore they created a diversion about a “kidnapped and raped” private Jessica Lynch and her subsequent “rescue”, whilst the US Airforce used a neutron bomb on Baghdad Airport, killing everyone in the area, including the remnants of the decimated 3/7 Cavalry., a site with channels to Russian military intelligence wrote, before it went permanently offline (mirror):

ON APRIL 5, 2003, unit founder Captain Eric May detected major glitches in the media pictures coming back from Baghdad, which US forces had just reached. The reporters had gone from hopeful April 4 announcements that the siege of Baghdad had begun, to worried April 5 announcements that there was a fierce fight at Baghdad Airport — then suddenly and without explanation away from the developing battle to the “human interest” story that Private Jessica Lynch had been saved from Iraqi captors.

To Captain May, whose areas of expertise included military intelligence and public affairs, it was clear that the military and media were working together to cover up the true story: The Battle of Baghdad was happening off-camera, hidden behind Private Lynch!

The pull-down of the statue of Saddam Hussein on April 9 was another manufactured event to indicate that the Baghdad had been occupied by US forces. But how did they take the city?

The answer is that US forces were attacked by much-larger Iraq forces at the Baghdad Airport on Saturday morning, April 5, and after bleeding badly from that vicious fight were engaged in a fierce battle in the rubbled, slow-go driving — under constant Iraqi fire — through the city of Baghdad, a drive lasting until three days later, when the distraction of Private Jessica abruptly ended so that the media could show a set-up scene of the “Fall of Baghdad” (i.e., a set-up pull-down of Saddam’s Statue).

While casualty figures have been suppressed by the media (along with the existence of the Battle of Baghdad!), international military estimates are that hundreds died. Summer/fall reports from Ft. Stewart, Georgia, about the overflow of 3rd Infanty Division wounded soldiers sleeping in tent cities when they needed medical treatment were never explained, either: There were too many wounded GIs from the Battle of Baghdad to fit in the Ft. Stewart Hospital!

As can be read on various independent news sites on the web, e.g. here and here, the area around the airport became forbidden terrain for an entire nine months, a fence was erected around it and bulldozers took the topsoil to a dump next to the police station near Abu Graib prison. Not soon after, several police officers developed cancer. More about what allegedly transpired here.

Western reporters went to the 3/7 Cavalry’s base in the US for an official statement on this case, but were agressively ordered to leave at the gate.

After years of heavily suppressed rumors pertaining this event, Al Jazeera has finally picked up on it.

For obvious reasons, there is no hard evicence available but the circumstancial evidence is substantial. The website about the slaughter of the 3/7 Cavalry is here. Captain Eric May, commanding officer of the 3/7 Cavalry runs it. He partially exposes the coverup by claiming that several hundred of his soldiers died in the battle for Baghdad Airport, but he fails to mention the real cause: The nuclear bomb that was used to re-take the airport. The use of a nuclear weapon made an ongoing coverup neccessary in the first place. mentioned the sudden stop in the “Ramzaj reports”, web-published, allegedly deliberately “leaked” Russian intel reports giving detailed progress on the invasion of Iraq:

Now we know more about the Battle of Baghdad Airport, which began on Friday night, April 4th, 2003, and involved the near complete annihilation of the US 3/7 Cavalry. At that time mainstream media covered these these events with a great deal of confusion and contradiction, and no mention of major US losses. The US then apparently counter attacked the Iraqi defenders at the airport, using a single neutron bomb, which wiped out all resistance. Of course this was not mentioned by the media at all.

Its not clear exactly what date and time this was done. Likely in the range April 6th to 8th, 2003. This is perhaps the very first time a tactical nuclear weapon has been used in a battlefield situation, unless rumours of nukes used by the USA in Afghanistan can be verified.

At the time the Ramzaj reports ceased so suddenly, their stated reason didn’t seem to provide an adequate explanation for the halt. Now perhaps we can make a more informed guess. The Russians knew the US had used a tactical nuclear weapon in Iraq. A public accusation from a Russian quasi-official source, that the USA had used a nuclear weapon in Iraq, would have placed the Russian government in a very difficult diplomatic position. The Ramzaj reports were attempting to stand out by their truth in a sea of lies, but could now either lie, or admit that Russia knew, or cease.

They chose to cease operation.

One line from their brief farewell notice on 8th April reads: “… we do not have the right to reveal classified, ‘top secret’ information.”

Now we know what that information was.
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