Y'all are a bunch of wankers!

Pssst, wanna buy some whale vomit?


For you, only $20 a gram!
Permalink Send private email Mat Hall 
January 25th, 2006 6:21pm
Wow, whale vomit.  That must be like, one of those things, that nobody really wants, which is maybe rare, so it might be valuable, except really NOBODY wants it.

Unless you're a Whale Researcher who'se desperate.  Let's give the few remaining Whale Researcher's a break, huh?
Permalink AllanL5 
January 26th, 2006 8:58am
Ah, it was Ambergris.  I hear King Henry the VIII used to grate some onto his morning eggs.  Tastes sweet, I'm told.

It's not Whale Vomit.  It's Whale Bile, solidified, floated around the ocean for a few years, cast up on a beach, found, lost, and found again.

From the article, apparently it IS valuable.
Permalink AllanL5 
January 26th, 2006 9:01am

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