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Firefox user help?

Ok, while this isnt a tech forum?

Can anybody see this:

What firefox plugin do I need? I am using firefox 1.0.7, I think it is SVG?

Also, if anybody can see it, I bet the results are interesting...
Permalink Berlin Brown 
January 25th, 2006 9:23pm
it is an svg.  safari doesn't show it either.
Permalink FullNameRequired 
January 25th, 2006 9:31pm
None of the normal SVG plugins work properly with Firefox. For a while you could use the Adobe plug-in, but of course then the Mozilla team continually changed the plug-in interface.

However you could get integrated, fairly functional SVG capability just by upgrading to 1.5, where SVG is native supported. That page works great for me.
Permalink Send private email Dennis Forbes 
January 25th, 2006 9:34pm
I can see it in FF 1.5 just fine.

And thanks for the interesting link.
Permalink Send private email JD 
January 25th, 2006 9:36pm
From the page in question:

"Most people (roughly 98%) include head, html, title and body  elements. This is somewhat ironic, since three of those four elements are optional in HTML. It's interesting to see that most pages have a title, though."

How is that ironic? There is nothing whatsoever surprizing or unexpected about most pages using the rudiments that, while optional, are critical for most useful pages.
Permalink Send private email Dennis Forbes 
January 25th, 2006 9:40pm
I think the word "ironic" here is code for "dear god please just pretend that my article is interesting".
Permalink Send private email muppet 
January 25th, 2006 9:42pm
It just shows that tables aren't dead yet!
Permalink Send private email Almost H. Anonymous 
January 25th, 2006 9:46pm
Oops, I was on version 1.0.6
Permalink Berlin Brown 
January 25th, 2006 10:04pm

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